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Preparing Children for Success in School and Life: 20 Ways to Increase Your Child’s Brain Power

Make sure your children grow dendrites!

2011 Foreword Reviews Book of the Year Award Bronze Winner

As children’s first teachers, parents need to provide a firm foundation for lifelong learning. This book provides a research-based road map for raising respectful, responsible children who achieve to their fullest potential. Marcia Tate, author, mother and grandmother shares brain-compatible strategies for guiding children toward personal, academic, and career success. This book provides parents and caregivers with a wealth of practical tips and tools for:

  • Creating a calm and brain-compatible home environment
  • Incorporating positive physical contact and verbal communication
  • Encouraging play that develops creativity and imagination
  • Strengthening children’s auditory, tactile, kinesthetic, and visual modes of learning

Preparing Children for Success in School and Life shows parents how to help children’s brains “grow dendrites” in everyday ways such as telling them stories, using music to enhance memory, turning homework time into fun time, and allowing them freedom to draw and write. From day one through graduation and beyond, you and your family will reap the benefits of the author’s 30+ years of experience with thousands of children.

“Sit & Get” Won’t Grow Dendrites: 20 Professional Learning Strategies That Engage the Adult Brain

(Second Edition)

Teaching busy adults can be a daunting task. How do you grasp their attention, make material memorable, and create experiences that immediately improve their professional practice? Expert Marcia L. Tate knows how adults learn best and shares 20 professional development strategies that work.

What you’ll find in the second edition:

  • 20 brain-based learning strategies proven to engage adults and boost long-term retention
  • 150 professional learning activities that spark participation
  • New findings on learning styles, brain research, and adult learning theory
  • Key differences between adult learners and younger students
  • Samples of professional learning designs
  • Guided reflection and application sections

“Sit & Get” Won’t Grow Dendrites, Second Edition, shows you how to deliver high-energy learning experiences that influence adults for years to come.

Worksheets Don't Grow Dendrites

20 Instructional Strategies That Engage the Brain

Have you ever found it difficult to understand the content in a college or workplace text?  Have you ever wondered why some things are better remembered than other things?  Have you ever desired to increase your knowledge, skills, and abilities?  If so, this book is for you!  According to learning style theorists and brain researchers, there are 20 ways to comprehend and retain content.  They include the use of discussion, graphic organizers, humor, metaphor, movement, storytelling, visualization, and visuals.  For example, the brain is easily able to retell a story, recall the lyrics to a song, or drive a car due to the use of movement.  Written originally for educators, this bestselling book will enable you to:

  • Identify 20 brain-compatible strategies for comprehending and retaining information;
  • Understand the research as to why these strategies work for the brain;
  • Incorporate these strategies into your workplace or everyday life.

Increase your understanding and memory with these 20 unforgettable strategies!