Dr. Marcia Tate

Positivity and Purpose: 7 Brain-Based Principles for Believing Your Way to Success

What follows is a brief faith-based excerpt of the complimentary chapter I am offering as a gift to you. If you enjoy what you read, please don’t hesitate to download the complete piece below.

In such a tough and negative world, it’s easy to find ourselves on a path we never intended to be on. When I travel to teach or speak, many people tell me things like, “I thought I’d be happy and have everything figured out by the time I hit 50, but I don’t think I have any more answers than I did at 25.” Or they make comments like, “In my 30s I resolved to complete a marathon by age 40. But at 39, the only thing I can complete is a 5-second walk to the fridge for more ice cream!”

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